Why is Jim’s Bookkeeping a better choice?


What’s in a name?

In Australia franchising is a trusted, safe and effective business model that provides wonderful possibilities for both franchisees and franchisors.

Jim’s Bookkeeping is a franchised professional network that provides opportunities for accountants and bookkeepers who are looking to experience the freedom of their own business without the hassle or expense that come with setting up on your own.

Jim’s brands are recognised by over 90%  of Australian adults and there are over 3200 franchisees in the Jim’s network.

With this much knowledge, experience and strength it’s easy for you to be successful.


Why Choose Jim’s Bookkeeping?

•Large territories
•Fixed fees
•Work Guarantee

Specialist Training

As a part of the Jim’s Bookkeeping network, you’ll receive training from from experienced business operators including the Jim’s group CEO, Jim Penman.

You’ll also benefit from Jim’s Bookkeeping business development training complete with manuals and tools.

You’ll know how to grow your client base, deliver high quality services and generate revenue.



Jim’s Bookkeeping territories are based on the number of registered businesses operating in a specific area to ensure you have more than enough opportunity to grow your business.

You’re able to market and advertise in your territory as much as you like and grow your business to a size that fits you and your circumstances.

It’s also okay at Jim’s Bookkeeping to sell a part or all of your territory which means you could more than recoup your initial investment.

Working close to home will give you back hours of wasted time!


Professional Services for Small Business

Jim’s Bookkeeping offer a combination of training  solutions to enable Jim’s Bookkeepers to provide a standard range of services, build business and develop positive client relationships.

Our service offering to clients includes the ability to use accounting software packages, process financial transactions, reconcile bank and other general ledger accounts, GST calculations and BAS preparation and management reporting.  We also offer payroll services.

If you’re unsure about your qualifications, experience or abilities we’re happy to discuss this with you to find the right solution.

You’re a part of a professional team.


Supplier Discounts

As a part of the Jim’s Bookkeeping network you’ll receive discounts from our preferred supplier network.

These discounts include fleet buyer prices on vehicles, Optus mobile phone plans, insurance, health insurance, vehicle servicing and printed stationery just to name a few.

You’re saving for a better life.


Fixed Fees

Jim’s Bookkeeping are fixed  and we fully disclose every cent you’ll pay before you sign anything so you have the comfort of knowing what’s ahead.

You have the freedom to choose.


Business Mentors

Franchisors in the Jim’s Bookkeeping
network provide ongoing business support, mentoring and coaching to franchisees and each other.  Their expertise comes directly from their experience in a business the same or similar to yours which makes it relevant and appropriate to your needs.

You get to enjoy all the benefits of being self employed with the security of an extended support network to provide ongoing business and technical advice.

It’s about your success.


Client Leads

Client leads can come from a variety of sources so Jim’s call centres are a great central point of contact for all clients.

Call centre operators take the call, record it and then message you immediately to let you know the lead’s available.

It’s reassuring to know a friendly voice is available to talk when you’re not so you won’t miss an opportunity.

Your business is in control.


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