Why choose Jim’s Bookkeeping?
Get more done

Do you spend too much time bookkeeping and not doing other important tasks?
Are you risking nasty tax office fines and penalties?
Do you  have enough time to work on your business?

Qualified bookkeepers can fix these problems expertly and professionally.


Pay Less/Earn More

Could you earn money in the time you spend doing the bookkeeping?
Could you pay less in accounting fees if your accounts are up-to-date and correct?
Are you confident that you’re claiming the correct amount of GST each quarter?

A professional bookkeeper can help eliminate these and other trouble spots from your business.

Payroll Services

Did you know that paying your employee’s SGC ONE day late can cost you big time?
Not deducting the correct PAYG amount can leave your employees with a tax debt.
Not providing ‘correct’ payslips could cost you a nasty fine.

Payroll experts help protect you from simple but costly payroll errors.

Have Confidence

Do you worry about money?
Are you aware that small administration problems can create  disasters?
Did you know many businesses waste more money than they’d pay a professional bookkeeper to get it right.

The right bookkeeper gives you more Control and greater Peace of Mind.

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